What My Dog Going Blind

Taught Me About

Content Marketing...

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Are you a digital marketer who's frustrated that no one is engaging with what you create?

Do you have a client (or boss) who's pressuring you to make "better," more engaging content?

Have you ever wondered how some marketers make it look easy?

They know the secret - which isn't really a secret at all.

I want to SHOW you how to connect with people in an authentic and honest way.

Hi, I'm Janet and I was exactly where you are now. I was developing content at a Fortune 500 company that was selling business-to-business products and services; our products were hardware and software.

Not the most exciting products and services to sell!

On top of that, the company's engineers, who created those products, wanted to show pictures of the products and the software. They thought that just TELLING people how great they were and SHOWING them products would be enough.

But it wasn't. Honestly, NO ONE cared.

I was pretty desperate and tried something different.

I spent months and months creating and trying new content. I hired specialists to help me break through with GOOD content. And, though it took a while (and a budget), we finally figured it out.

It was an amazing success.

We had thousands of people seeing our new content - and it performed better than anything else anyone in the company had EVER done. And we DIDN'T talk about our products - or show them.

Instead, we CONNECTED with our customers - emotionally.

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Then I went off and started my own digital agency

Once again, working on behalf of my clients, I spent months and months creating and trying new content to see what resonated. Some of it worked, some didn't. I was trying so hard, thinking like a "business person" on behalf of my B2B clients.

Then, one day, I was really upset because my Jack Russell Terrier suddenly went blind. He had a rare medical condition that made him lose his sight in just a few weeks. And it was undetectable until it all happened at once - and there was no cure.

I was devastated.

So I wrote about it. I poured out all my sadness about what he was going through, I shared the hard lessons I was learning about people and life, and I got personal.

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People were wonderful, in response. They were supportive and helpful. I heard from dog-lovers and friends. I even heard from neighbors who just knew Joey from seeing him strut down the street when we went for our daily walks.

I realized that what really connects us to one another - in marketing and in life - is our emotions. And I connected the two experiences, of Joey going blind and my corporate success. And I studied what had resonated - from both of these examples.

If I can find some good out of Joey's blindness, let it be that I learned what resonates with people when it comes to what we call "marketing." So I'm sharing what I learned in an ebook.

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YOU can connect on this level, too

You can do the same thing, creating marketing content that ENGAGES and isn't impersonal. You can be authentic and real. You can share what people WANT to know. Once I figured out the difference between "checking the box" when it came to making content and sharing what really means something - I broke down the steps of what I did. And I've made it EASY for you to see and follow along - to share your OWN authenticity - messaging - and create great content.

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How to create better content - 3 proven ways

I took my success at a Fortune 500 company - and my personal story - and distilled out what truly resonates with people.

I wrote this ebook to share with you exactly how to switch from just talking about "work" and "business" to connecting with people.

Get your "3 Proven Methods for Effective Content" to start connecting and engaging - instead of just "hacking content."

You can keep doing what you're doing - or you can start connecting.

Here's What You'll Discover...

Why you've been "stuck" creating boring content for your company or client.

The 3 proven methods that get to the "real" messaging and communication - at an emotional level.

The brain science behind why certain content resonates with people.

The step-by-step process to follow to create authentic and interesting content.

And 50 content ideas to get you started!

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I Show You HOW TO DO

What the Experts ALL Agree

Helps Us to Connect

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Here's Everything You Get...

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3 Proven Methods for Effective Content

My ebook consolidates what I learned - from an MBA in Marketing and 15 years of experience in digital marketing. And - of course - being Joey's human-mom. I honed this knowledge at Fortune 500 companies AND at start-ups. This will save you YEARS of figuring this out for yourself - or having to learn through your own "Joey" experience.

($250 Value)

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50 Ideas - Content Generator CheatSheet

As a BONUS! You get this time-saving cheatsheet that gives you 50 ideas, right out of the gate, to get started. I'm saving you ALL the time it took me to generate this assortment of ideas - and I'm sharing so you can get started creating NEW authentic and engaging content - NOW!

($200 Value)

Claim a Free Gift with Your Order!

And because you are a first-time customer, I'm throwing in a PDF copy of my latest book (on Amazon), "OK Boomer! Revelations of a Baby Boomer Working With Millennials." You'll learn...

The cause of the digital divide on marketing teams and at digital marketing agencies

The brain science behind those team problems

Why various attempts to solve these problems haven't worked so far

How to SOLVE these issues moving forward!

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Change how you create content

for just $27 - TODAY ONLY!

All THREE books available NOW

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I know you are going to absolutely love learning how to truly connect through content - as well as the 50 new content ideas! If you don't think you got great value in 30 days, I'll send back every penny you paid.

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